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The pre-release version of Troc Circle will be available for Android and iOS and contain most of the basic functionalities to help its users to organize their accounting ledger. Users can send and receive invoices and promises to pay to each other, and have the ability to accept or reject netting deals, which will help them to get paid faster without moving any money around.

Users can also register as a Troc Circle accountant to manage their clients’ accounting. Since the pre-release version is completely free of all charges, Troc Circle accountants will be unpaid positions for now. However, accountants can already start building their portfolio so they can earn money as soon as the 6 month pre-release time is over and the full application is launched.

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Right now, we are launching the second Beta version of the application, but we have grand plans for the (near) future. Click below to see our milestones:

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More about the algorithm

Removing financial complexity

Troc Circle automatically settles your invoices and debts to the lowest possible amounts, which saves you money on transaction and currency conversion fees and removes financial gridlocks between businesses and people. Troc Circle is accessible, secure, and completely free to use now!

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